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Russell Hobbs Horizon Hand Mixer 24671-56


Combining a sleek glossy black against a classic ice white, this hand mixer is designed to make your kitchen stylish and your cooking more simple. Whether you’re beating, mixing, combining or whipping, this mixer ensures you can enjoy your baking without the aching. Giving you an optimal performance every time you have the confidence and freedom to make whatever you fancy. You can be combining chocolate chips into your mixture for heavenly chocolate brownies or whipping up some cream into a light and fluffy filling for a cake – this mixer can do it all.


Russell Hobbs Horizon Hand Stand Mixer 24680-56


Are you looking for a way to enjoy baking without your arm aching? Then you’ll love the Horizon Hand Stand Mixer that’s the perfect helping hand in the kitchen. Whether you want to use it as a standalone mixer or remove it to use it as a hand mixer, this versatile appliance can be used as both. You can be whipping, mixing or beating your way through a variety of ingredients with ease perfect for making a feast of flavoursome foods. In a classic ice white against a bold statement black, the Horizon Hand Stand Mixer is as striking in appearance as it is in performance and we’re certain it will be able to tackle whatever recipes are on the horizon.

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Russell Hobbs Swirl Hand Mixer Onyx 25890-56


Need a new mixer? Well, the Russell Hobbs’ Swirl Hand Mixer has a few tricks up its sleeve, thanks to its New High Performance Helix Beater Technology. Designed to mix ingredients faster and more evenly, mixing has never felt more effortless of fun – so you can enjoy making moments that matter. And its Snap-on Storage Case, means you can keep all of the attachments together when it’s not in use, for easy storage.

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