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Russell Hobbs 19773-56 Professional Deep Fryer


The high-quality and powerful Cookell Fryer by Russell Hobbs offers you a simple and convenient way of frying to make the most delicious dishes. The professional look is made from a brushed steel surface, but also an internal enamel container that makes it easy to clean. The fryer can hold 3.2l of oil and up to 1.2kg of frying food. You can set the temperature in the range of 160°C to 190°C and you will be notified by the neon light indicator when it is ready to cook.

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Russell Hobbs Cyclofry Plus Health Fryer with Accessories 22101-56


Designed to take on a variety of different types of cooking from roasting, frying, grilling and baking, anything is possible with the Cyclofry Plus. With multiple attachments for different uses, you can cook everything from vegetables, to kebabs and even cakes. And best of all if you’re looking for a fryer that lets you cook food that has all of the flavour and less of the guilt, then you’ll love this Russell Hobbs product that provides a healthier alternative to your normal fryer, requiring no oil at all.

Rotating Basket

Are you tired of having to go back and forth shaking your fried potatoes to stop them burning or sticking. Then you’ll love the Cyclofry’s rotating basket that does all of the hard work for you.

Additional Accessories Included: Rotisserie, Mini Kebab

Get creative with your cooking with this wide range of additional accessories that allow you to cook a variety of foods. You can use the rotisserie attachment to cook a whole chicken for a roast dinner or use the mini kebabs attachment for a healthier alternative to that takeaway you’re craving.

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