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Russell Hobbs Classics Griddle 19800-56


Make a delicious meal for the family quickly, easily and without fuss. Our Classics Griddle is designed to be user-friendly with its easy-to-clean and non-stick surface with an adjustable temperature.

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Russell Hobbs Fiesta Removable Plate Griddle 22550-56


This innovative griddle captures the art of cooking and eating with family and friends at the table. The Russell Hobbs Fiesta Griddle has a removable dishwasher safe griddle plate with a 50cm x 26cm cooking surface for grilling meat, fish and vegetables. It’s large enough to take several pieces at once so that you can cook individual portions to your guests’ tastes.

Thanks to its embedded heating element the appliance heats up almost as soon as it’s switched on, making it ready to use in no time. The griddle also has an adjustable temperature control to apply the correct level of heat for the food being grilled.

Cooking with this griddle is also relatively healthy as the griddle design helps drain away excess fat, without losing any of the taste or succulence. Its built-in drip tray can slide out to capture excess oil, and can be removed for easy cleaning.

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Russell Hobbs MaxiCook Curved Grill & Griddle 22940-56


It’s never been easier to eat well and feel great. Enjoy deliciously griddled or grilled food, cooked at home with our easy-care, easy-store Curved Grill & Griddle. Keep all the sizzle and flavour of food, whilst seeing the excess fat and grease drain away. The clever side-sloping griddles drain unwanted fat and grease, into 2 integrated drip trays. Simply clean the drip trays and cooking plates, once the griddle has cooled down.

Whether you’re cooking for friends and family, or batch cooking and freezing for the week ahead, the non-stick double curved griddle and central flat plate provide plenty of cooking space.

This 2200w model has plenty of power and its temperature can be controlled to prevent overcooking. This allows you to cook precisely, adjusting the heat to get the exact amount of cooking that you want. The slim design of this model means it can easily be stored upright between uses to save space.

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