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Russell Hobbs 3.5L Searing Slow Cooker 22740-56


The 3.5L Searing Slow Cooker has been cleverly designed to make your life easier. Not only can you come home to a tasty, nutritious pre-prepared meal, but you can even pre-sear the meat in its own searing pan; saving the use of additional pans, grills, mess and hassle.

A slow cooker is perfect for people who want to eat nourishing dinners but may not have the time, or energy to do all the preparation at the end of a busy day. This convenient cooking method also means that your meal will taste great and be packed full of flavour. The gentle cooking action reduces damage to vitamins and retains more of your food’s nutrients and flavours.

Whether you’re cooking for two, or making a meal for the whole family, the slow cooker’s generous 3.5 litre capacity can easily cook up to 4 portions at a time. It even comes with a selection of recipe ideas to give you a little inspiration. The Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker has three simple heat settings; high, low and warm so it’s easy to operate. A glass lid lets you view your food while its cooking, and cool touch handles on the main body make it safe to handle. All in all, the versatility of this handy appliance will become an indispensable appliance in any busy family’s home.


Russell Hobbs Cook@Home Multi Cooker 21850-56


Just one appliance cooks the lot. The amazing Cook@Home Multi Cooker is a compact device with a 5-litre capacity that caters for all of your family’s tastes, quickly and simply.
The multi-cooker can be set to cook a range of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. It can be used to bake cakes, create fluffy rice and even make yoghurt. It has 11 functions so it can be used for almost any recipe and with a 5-lite capacity it can make enough meals to feed the family.
It also has a keep warm function so if you’re not quite ready for dinner, it will keep your meals warm without drying out your food. It has an anti-condensation lid cover and an easy to clean stainless steel housing that also looks great when it’s out on display.

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Russell Hobbs Large Rice Cooker 27040-56


Make meals the whole family will love, with the Large Rice Cooker. Whether you’re making Spanish paella, pilau rice to go with your favourite curry, or quinoa as a rice alternative – it does it all. Making up to 14 Servings of Cooked Rice (up to 200 grams per serving), there is more than enough to feed everyone. And, the Automatic Keep-Warm feature means it’ll still be warm when you go back for seconds.

Serves up to 14 Servings of Cooked Rice (up to 200 grams per serving)
Need a big batch of rice to accompany your chilli con carne? Maybe you’re making a rice dish to impress, like Spanish paella? The Large Rice Cooker has you covered. Making up to 14 Servings of Cooked Rice (up to 200 grams per serving) – it’s the perfect size to feed the whole family, or entertain your friends.

Automatic Keep-Warm

The Automatic Keep-Warm Function on the Large Rice Cooker, allows you to keep your rice warm after cooking. Ideal for busy families sitting down to eat at different times, or for those that can’t resist returning for seconds.

Dishwasher-Safe, Removable, Non-Stick Bowl and Glass Lid
After cooking up a feast, the last thing you feel like doing is the washing up. That’s why the Large Rice Cooker has a Dishwasher-Safe, Removable, Non-Stick Bowl and Glass Lid. Now you can sit down and enjoy your home-cooked meal – and let the dishwasher take care of the rest.


Russell Hobbs MaxiCook 6L Searing Slow Cooker 22750-56


After a long day at work or looking after your family, it’s great to know that your dinner is taken care of. Our Maxicook slow cooker makes up to eight portions in just one pot, taking the time and stress out of cooking many servings.

Whether you have lots of mouths to feed, or want to cook several portions and freeze individual portions, the generous 6-litre capacity makes up to 8 portions of food. That’s even the busiest dinner table taken care of, with one big pot of food that’s been slow-cooked during the day. Spend more time enjoying the family, or simply putting your feet up.

Add an extra dimension of flavour and texture to slow-cooked meals as the aluminium searing pot inside the slow cooker can be placed directly on the hob. Simply return the pot to the slow cooker once the food has been browned and cook as usual. Three handy heat settings help make slow cooking easy and give you great results every time.

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Russell Hobbs Sous Vide Slow Cooker 25630-56


Do you want to cook flavoursome food for the family that’s always cooked to perfection? Then we’re here to introduce you to the professional chefs’ cooking secret, sous vide. With the Russell Hobbs Sous Vide Slow Cooker, we’re letting you experience the very best of cooking, giving you the freedom to cook in 3 different ways, all with this one appliance. Enjoy a slow cooked mid-week casserole, a tender Sunday roast chicken using the Temperature Probe, or the perfect Friday night fillet steak cooked sous vide. Whether you’re whipping up every day family favourites or entertaining your fellow foodies at a get-together, the Russell Hobbs Sous Vide Slow Cooker helps keep your prepping and cooking time low.

Sous Vide

Looking to cook nutritious food that’s cooked just the way you like it? Whether it’s a perfectly cooked rare steak, a succulent salmon fillet or vegetables filled with flavour, you can do it all sous vide. So how does it work? 1) Add Sous Vide rack to sit within the ceramic pot. 2) Then simply add hot water and fill the ceramic pot to ½ way. 3) Press Sous Vide and adjust to desired temperature. 4) Load food into zip-locked bags. Slowly submerge into ceramic pot, to sit within rack and seal the bag. 5) Place lid on slow cooker and insert temperature probe into the water. 6) Press START to begin cooking.

Classic Slow Cooker

Ready to be used as a classic slow cooker, you can cook hearty home-cooked favourites from chicken curries and beef stews to your favourite chilli. Simply add in your ingredients, set to your desired settings and you’re ready to go.

Temperature Probe

Whether you’re cooking a juicy roast chicken or a tender joint of beef to medium rare, the Temperature Probe makes sure it’s cooked to perfection. Start by setting it to the heat you need as outlined in the information booklet. Then probe your meat and the digital display will show the current temperature of the meat. Once the meat gets to the pre-set temperature, the Sous Vide Slow Cooker will maintain this temperature, keeping it cooking at an optimum level whilst the digital display shows you how long the meat has been cooking.

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