Russell Hobbs Velocity Pro Jug Blender 25720-56


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Do you love blending up a range of flavoursome recipes? Then you’ll love the Velocity Pro Blender. As Our Most Advanced Blender yet, you can whip up everything from frozen margaritas to homemade soups and enjoy a professional and powerful blending performance every time. The Advanced Blending Technology on this blender means that all of the work is done for you and you’ll never have to intervene to scrape, shake or sieve again. With up to 45% Faster Blending* leave the blitzing up to the blender and spend some quality time with your family whilst you await your delicious food.

6-Tip Stainless Steel Removable Blade with Titanium Coating

The Velocity Pro Blender has a new 6-Tip Stainless Steel Removable Blade with Titanium Coating. Designed to be extremely durable and sharper for longer, you can now enjoy 30% smoother blending results**. With 6 blades that face in different directions, all areas are covered so your ingredients will always be blended to perfection. So what does each blade do? The Centre Tips help the initial rotation of the ingredients and chop up solid foods that normally get pushed above the blades. The Main Cutting Tips ensure a high velocity, so that you can always achieve smooth blending results. And the Bottom Tips, chop solid foods that are below the Main Cutting Tips and help to circulate the mixture.

1.5L Velocity Glass Jug Design

The Velocity Pro Blender has a new jug design with special ramps and ribs for an improved blending performance. The Jar Ramps at the bottom of the pitcher, help the ingredients and mixture travel vertically up the walls of the jar, so that they can be pulled back down into the center to be chopped by the blades. The Jar Ribs have an asymmetric design which reduces the “dead spot” you can experience with classic shaped jugs. This shape allows for an easier transition along the walls of the jar, from one rib to the next – resulting in better blending.
1000W of power


Our Most Advanced Blender

    • 1000W of power
    • 22,000 rpm
    • 6-tip stainless steel removable blade
    • Titanium coated blade with gold finish
    • Impactful Classic Red Blade Assembly to Accentuate New Blade
    • 1.5L Velocity Glass Jug Design for improved blending performance
    • Mylar buttons
    • 3 speed settings
    • Ice Crush / Pulse
    • Smoothie, Icy drink & Soup Smart functions
    • Cord Storage under base
    • Dishwasher Safe Parts
    • Rubber non-slip feet for added stability
    • 1 Year Warranty
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